Within a span of five years Webcommerce has delivered industrial strength solutions round the globe to its corporate customers. Webcommerce products are used by major Banks, Financial Institutes and Application Service Providers. Some of our success stories are:

1. Largest Biscuit Exporter in Southern Hemisphere

Webcommerce has provided the software solution to automate the entire export document preparation process and at the same time provided seamless integration with back-office ERP systems thereby extending the usage of existing data and business logic.

2. International Mineral Exporter

Software solutions that allow secure flow of trade data between global offices of this International Mineral Exporter have been provided by Webcommerce. Webcommerce solutions, running in a corporate LAN environment, provide automation for document preparation and ensure smooth and secure exchange of trade data between various branches of the Exporter.

3. Cargo Management Re-engineering (CMR) for Australian Customs

Webcommerce is the core technology provider for the CMR initiative of Australian Customs. Webcommerce is one of the first solution providers to release CMR compliant PKI products for Australian Exporters.

4. Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) Solution Provider

Webcommerce is the technology provider for an AQIS certified solution that enables trading bodies to interface directly with AQIS.

5. PKI Technology Provider for a Global Trade Data Exchange Platform

Webcommerce is the solution and service provider for a leading PKI Enabled trade data exchange platform. In this regard, Webcommerce has implemented the largest global PKI Enabled solution for the mentioned platform. Webcommerce has provided the entire product range of products that not only provide enterprise level functionality but allow the customer on leverage on its existing investments by integrating seamlessly with legacy and existing applications.

All the above-mentioned technology implementations are in production mode thereby assisting international trade by linking all major corporations round the globe. If interested in finding out more of our success stories, please contact our sales department at +91(011)29830504 or send an email to



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