PKI Enabled Security Solutions

Recognizing the importance of secured exchange of documents, a separate division that was dedicated totally to the development of products that incorporated security using industry standard Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) methodologies for completely secure document exchange between trading partners was setup.

Webcommerce's security division developed and released for its customers the very first secured document exchange solution for the largest global secure data exchange platform. These products from Webcommerce underwent rigorous accreditation tests to meet all the compliance requirements. Webcommerce's security products have also been tested and commended by major banks and corporations. These accredited products are recognised throughout the electronic data interchange community for their robustness, scalability and quality.

For development of industrial strength secure document exchange solutions Webcommerce incorporates the latest in key data exchange technologies such as PKI, XML-XSLT, enterprise database connectivity, firewall compatibility, just to name a few.

The PKI Enabled Security products from Webcommerce are modular in design and can easily be integrated with In-House Systems, Enterprise Applications and Third Party Software products. Some of the key achievements for Webcommerce in the development of Bolero Enabled products are:

  • First desktop and web based product to achieve accreditation as per the standards of the document exchange platform.
  • Development of independent toolkit technology for development of applications by other software vendors.
  • Support for advanced Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) techniques for secure exchange of trade data.
  • Support for multiple key storage media such as smart card and floppy disk.
  • Support for Dynamic Document generator that automatically generates web based trade documents based on the document's DTD.
  • XML based document storage and document routing over the data exchange platform.
  • Flexibility for linkage to multiple databases such as MSSQL, Oracle and Sybase.
  • A separate High Level API that provides access to the secure document exchange platform from within third party applications.
  • Development of a DMZ compatible solution.