Web Based E-Trade solutions

Webcommerce E-Trade solutions are web-based trade solutions that enable banks, financial institutions and corporations to provide their customers with a value added services for trade data exchange. These E-Trade solutions also cater to the ASP market to provide large trading networks and B2B exchanges with the capability to offer the global trading community, secure and robust platforms for trade data exchange. Webcommerce E-Trade solutions provide the framework for:

Browser-Based Document Management

Enables creation, automation and routing of trade documents to trading partners from anywhere around the globe.

Integration with trade regulatory bodies such as the Australian Customs

Allows Importers, Exporters and other trading bodies to file declarations with the Australian Customs as per the specifications of Cargo Management Re-engineering (CMR) initiative of the Australian Customs Service.

ERP Integration

Integrates seamlessly with ERP Application such as SAP for continuous data transfer to and from ERP applications.


Provides authentication, data integrity and non-repudiation during data exchange by providing the capability to exchange trade data over the Bolero Network.

Hosted Application

Banks, financial institutes and large corporations can act as Application Service Providers offering their customers document management, secure data exchange and payment settlement solutions on a single integrated platform.

Workflow Capability

Workflow can be configured as per business rules of an organization for integration with existing processes and systems.

Multiple Data Formats

Solutions can accept data in multiple formats thereby providing support for XML, EDIFACT, CSV , SAP IDOCS and various other data formats.