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Efficient exchange of trade documents between exporters, importers, shipper, other trading partners and banks is a very challenging process in the current scenario. Besides accurate trade documentation, these documents should be exchanged between different trading partners involved in a typical trade cycle. Your business solution should be efficient enough to provide infrastructure for exchange of these trade documents between all related trading partners properly.

Our “E-Gateway Solutions” provides such infrastructure which facilitates exchange of trade documents and other messaging activities between trading partners.

This solution has been designed for electronic exchange/messaging through Internet and other similar types of networking infrastructure. Large business organizations dispersed over different global locations and connected using WAN can also use this solution to exchange trade documents between their different business locations.

Our other “Security Solutions” can be integrated with the “E-Gateway Solutions” to provide secure document exchange infrastructure between trading partners. This will ensure the industry standard security and authenticity while exchange of documents or business messages over Internet or your organization WAN.

Key Components

“Netdocs-Gold“ is the main component of our “E-Gateway Solutions” which provides document exchange infrastructure. This component is completely integrated with our other export/import documentation solutions. Documents prepared in these documentation solutions can be transmitted to trading partners using this “Netdocs-Gold” component. In addition to these other external trade documents prepared by other application can also be transmitted to trading partners using Netdocs-Gold.

Netdocs-Gold Features:

We offer:

  • Trading partner profile management.
  • Seamless integration with other solutions.
  • Support for secure document exchange.
  • Real-time tracking of the documents on E-Gateway servers.
  • Indisputable proof of delivery support.
  • Audit trail of all document exchange between multiple partners.
  • Message reminder to trading partner before expiry date.
  • Web based interface for global trading partners.
  • E-mail based delivery of documents.

“E-Gateway Solutions” has been designed to work with different communication protocols depending upon the nature of existing communication infrastructure of the organization. We support different messaging protocols and provide complete integration with different messaging servers. Below is a list of some of the components, which can be used, in different messaging environment:

E-Comms Standard
This component provides SMTP/POP/IMAP protocol based messaging infrastructure.

This component provides Microsoft Exchange Server and MAPI based messaging infrastructure.

This component provides IBM Lotus Domino Server based messaging infrastructure.

This component provides standard FTP protocol based messaging infrastructure.


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