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In the current complex enterprise scenario, integrating different enterprise systems is a considerable challenge for most business organizations. Over the years we at Webcommerce have attained expertise in this “Enterprise Application Integration – EAI” solution segment and our integration solutions has been used by a number of global business organizations successfully.

These solutions provide infrastructure to integrate our client's existing enterprise applications with other solutions/products provided by us. After a successful integration, new software solutions can work in a seamless integrated environment. In addition to this these integration solutions have been used to integrate our client’s existing enterprise applications (like legacy or ERP systems), which are generally dispersed globally.

Our different integration solutions and related services can be customized by properly analyzing the best possible integration and deployment scenarios for integration. This ensures seamless integration between different enterprise applications and existing processes for a specific business domain/industry.

We also offer our services to analyze your existing systems and processes by using our experience, proven methodologies and assessment techniques by using the latest technologies and industry standard best practices.

We have proven our capabilities in integrating different systems ranging from “Mainframe Systems”, “SAP Systems” and other “Industry Standard ERP Systems” for our different global clients across different business/industry domains.

Webcommerce has delivered to its customers middleware solutions for integrating with Mainframe and other type of industry standard ERP systems such as SAP. In this regard, Webcommerce has successfully achieved the status of "SAP Certified Integration" for one of its customers.


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