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Many organizations still use manual preparation and processing of Trade (Export/Import) Documents. In the current scenario to get success in global trade your business needs specialized Trade Documentation Solution. Without a specialized solution your documentation process will be time consuming and error-prone and more importantly this will require more resources as well.

A specialized solution should have proper implementation of all the complexities of international trade documentation process.

Our “Global Trade Documentation Solutions” manages all the complexities involved in international cross border trade. From efficient and complete data capturing to extensive data validation and application of industry specific business rules. These solutions uses user friendly interface for operation of the complete process.

It consolidates all complexities, industry specific business rules, country compliance and regulatory requirements in one solution, which finally helps your organization to a reduced risk and lower cost.

Feature summary:

  • Compliance with exporting and importing country laws.

  • Country specific export/import documentation requirement.

  • Proper calculation of complex tariffs and duties.

  • Regulatory compliance with different government authorities.

  • Linkage with financial institutions for LC and other related messages.

  • UN standard document layout printing which is acceptable worldwide.

  • Preparation of documents required for related trading partners, financial institutes and insurance agencies.

  • Automated “Global Trade Document” preparation.

  • Open architecture to provide integration with other trading partners.

  • Workflow based document preparation.

  • Support for different standard EDIFACT and XML messages.

  • Document output to Printer, E-Mail, FAX, PDF, EDI and XML.

Different components of this solution when used in an integrated way provide a streamlined and standard documentation process across entire global business locations. This also helps in common data sharing and less of document management is involved in the process as the system performs this automatically.

Complete solution expedites the exporting/importing of goods and improves the working of other related supply chain activities as well.

In summary, “Global Trade Documentation Solutions” makes your trade documentation process efficient and streamlined. Complete system has been designed to provide zero data inconsistency across complete set of documents, which finally results in a smooth and fast clearance from Customs, Banks and other authorities.



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